Stairway Grooves is the product of more than 20 years of experience as a musician, playing with bands and formations on many occasions, and locations. From playing live at theaters, churches, stages and local pubs, i gathered experience on playing keyboards, and started having interests in all other kinds of instruments and music styles. At the same time i have been working, and learning, on digital audio recording. Also started investing in digital recording equipment and instruments. So nowadays there is the abilty at home, to produce songs and workout all the ideas, tunes or grooves, that gather in my head (…….in a small studio under the stairway)

My musical influences derive from all over the world. With an exptional preference for South America (also had the pleasure and experience, of performing with an artist from Brasil, Adriano Trindade), influences range from Jazz fusion to Black Gospel, African Music, French Chansons, and some Pop and Funk-Music.

Being able to start recording at home was a great advantage for me. This, because of the possibilities it gave, of recording all of your ideas at the spot (all instruments), and…at the moment they come up. Also it creates the space, of being able to start recording, on your own precious spare time you have, outside the busy working hours of your job, at the moment it fits. Todays technology provides the music-business with accurate digital instruments, ready to be used in your favorite Digital Audio Workstation. With this technology it became possible for me in creating the music, and giving shape to the ideas i had and have.

My goal is to start working with other musicians/home recording artists. And so being able to share each others musical experinces, thoughts and instrumental skills……combining these, and creating more versatile songs for the world

Stairway Grooves is an independent artist and performer.
(Willem van Luijk)